Junior Officer Leadership Program (JOLP)

GE offers world-renowned training and challenging assignments to provide the necessary foundation for officers leaving the military and looking to start their first civilian role. The Junior Officer Leadership Program (JOLP) is a unique opportunity to work in three different functions, in eight-month rotations with one of the following businesses: Aviation, Healthcare, Power/Renewables, Transportation, and Baker Hughes- a GE Company. Qualified, exceptional candidates are selected to start their civilian careers in this two-year, cross-functional, rotational training program, which includes both on-the-job and formal classroom training.
JOLP Program
Program Details
  • 2-year program: 3 rotations in different functions
  • Rotations are difficult and challenging roles with real business impact
  • Classroom and on-the-job training in Finance, Fastworks, Six Sigma / Lean, Digital Basics, Leadership Growth
  • Accelerates the development of technical, business and professional skills 
  • Engagement with strong JOLP and veteran community
  • Must have a minimum of 5 years active duty commissioned officer military service
  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university, preferably engineering, technical, or business
"GE beliefs are the spirit of the small startup…
applied on a vast scale: Customers determine success,
stay lean to go fast, learn and adapt to win,
employees empower and inspire each other, and
​​​​​​​deliver results in an uncertain world."
Shaoli B., Navy Veteran, BHGE JOLP