Powering Lives
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GE Power is dedicated to making electricity more affordable, reliable, accessible, and sustainable.

A Grand Transformation Driven by New Technology

GE Power serves power generation, industrial, government and other customers worldwide with products and services related to energy production. Our products and technologies harness resources such as oil, gas, fossil, diesel, nuclear and water to produce electric power and include gas and steam turbines, a full balance of plant, upgrade and service solutions, as well as data-leveraging software.

Traditional and emerging, physical and digital, large and small, a mix of new technologies are converging to create a 21st-century power network capable of realizing new and positive outcomes for people and the planet. GE is leading this transformation and co-creating the future of energy with our customers, providing safe, efficient, reliable, and affordable power to drive economic growth and raise living standards around the world. These three trends shaping our electricity future:

  • Decarbonization: Through efficiency gains and a robust energy mix, the global power system can be a force for reducing CO2 and combatting climate change.
  • Digitalization: A new age of end-to-end integration with a single source of truth from edge to center is realizing unprecedented new outcomes for customers and the world.
  • Decentralization: Smaller, decentralized power systems are extending access and boosting resiliency in time to meet rising demand in burgeoning cities and remote areas.

Each day GE’s Power capacity supports an additional 100,000 people worldwide. At GE, you won’t just dream the future, you’ll help us build it.
20% of global renewable energy capacity provided by our turbines
The longest, most advanced, wind turbine blade in the world: the LM 107.0P
1st mammography
device that puts
​​​​​​​women in control
1st commercial
​​​​​​​ CT scanner

Business Areas

Gas Power
GE Gas Power offers a wide spectrum of heavy-duty and aeroderivative gas turbines for utilities, independent power producers and numerous industrial applications, ranging from small, mobile power to utility scale power plants. Gas Power also delivers maintenance, service and upgrade solutions across total plant assets and over their operational lifecycle.
Power Portfolio
GE Power Portfolio offers steam power technology for fossil and nuclear applications including boilers, generators, steam turbines and Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS) to help efficiently produce power and provide performance over the life of a power plant. Power Portfolio also applies the science and systems of power conversion to provide motors, generators, automation and control equipment and drives for energy intensive industries such as marine, oil and gas, renewable energy, mining, rail, metals, test systems and water. It also offers advanced reactor technologies solutions, including reactors, fuels and support services for boiling water reactors, through joint ventures with Hitachi and Toshiba for nuclear fleets.
Where Ambition Meets Opportunity
Our passionate, caring people are our greatest asset.

GE Power employees are challenged every day and rise to the challenge. Our approach to talent management encourages growth while allowing you to maximize your contributions and learning.
Our Culture
Our high-performance culture is reflected in how way we manage compensation, performance development/feedback processes, and our rewards & recognition approach. We empower our people through coaching and feedback, our talent development philosophy, and even our customizable benefits programs that can be tailored to your needs.
Total Rewards
Our offer consists of a competitive base salary, a bonus (dependent on band), and a comprehensive rewards package. We believe in meritocracy; we are accountable and rewarded based on performance. Bonus programs and payouts are based on both achievement of business targets set early in the year and individual performance throughout the year (and are not guaranteed). 
GE offers many healthcare options (medical, dental & vision; telemedical via Cleveland Clinic and Health Coach); a retirement savings plan 401(k); life insurance; tuition reimbursement; adoption resources; Work Life Connections resources; and employee assistance, fitness, and recognition programs. Permissive time off allows vacation, floating holidays, and bereavement as needed. Please Note: Benefits can be affected by country and total hours worked.​​​​​​​
Learning and Development
Learning has always been a foundational tenant at GE, with online resources available through our BrilliantU platform, as well as in-person business-led and company-sponsored programs for our top performers and leaders. Our world class training facility, known as Crotonville, is a key catalyst for setting the cultural tone for the business.
Diversity and Inclusion
GE engages in the community throughout the year and supports community involvement and investment through our volunteer portal and matching gifts program.  Build your network and connect with other GE employees for professional development via our Affinity Networks: African American Forum, Hispanic Forum, Women's’ Network, Asia Pacific American Forum, Veterans Network, People with Disabilities Network & GLBTA.
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