GE Renewable Energy

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We are hydro

We believe that the combination of our extensive hydro and digital intelligence makes GERenewable Energy well-suited to serve this intense & ongoing energy transition. Smarter and more connected, GE’shydro plants no longer just generate power, they storeit and deliver it to the grid with an unmatched level of predictability, flexibility and efficiency.
A wide range of hydro solutions

Our portfolio covers a variety of hydro power plants, from high to low head and run-of-river configurations.

We offer standard small hydro power solutions from 5MW unit out put to best fit customer’s specific needs.

GE Renewable Energy’s Hydro business and Emrgy combine their strengths around a high-performing micro hydro technology (self-contained module made of twin turbines-2x5kW or 2x7.5kW), generators, electrical cabinet, connectable to BoP/Grid.

GE Renewable Energy has the largest installed base of pumped hydro power storage unitsin operation. With +30% of the world’s hydro storage plants equipped with our technologies, we can provide a solution adapted to meet the specific needs of our customers in a variety of environments
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