Time to make change.

At GE Renewable Energy, we're creating a better world for everyone by unleashing limitless energy.

Now's the time to join us.


For now. For good.

We’re tackling one of humanity’s greatest challenges by providing the world’s largest economies and most remote communities with end-to-end green energy - and accelerating the reduction of greenhouse gases. 

Through wind, sun, and water, we are unleashing limitless energy.

What we do matters - but we’re not waiting for tomorrow. For us, the energy transition is now - it’s time for a cleaner, greener today. 

We’re meeting our challenge head-on, and with our customer's we’re solving it - for now, and for good.

Create the right environment -
for everyone.


Build a better world - today.

GE Renewable Energy is helping change the world. Can you be part of the green energy transition?

To achieve change for good, we must be different and diverse in our thinking. We must dare to challenge, be bold enough to make our mark, and deliver solutions and breakthroughs that matter. And we must work together, empowered by individuality and united vision as we create a better world today.

If you join us, you’ll evolve and grow,  surrounded by smart people who help you get better every day. You’ll get the chance to rewrite the rules, work on cutting-edge technology, and be part of a global team for positive change.

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