Creating the right environment
​​​​​​​ for everyone
 We harness the earth's most abundant resources - the strength of the wind, the heat of the sun, and the force of the water.
At GE Renewable Energy, we are unleashing limitless energy.
  A challenge for good
We work to solve one of the world’s biggest challenges – to provide world’s biggest economies and its most remote communities with the electricity to power modern life and, at the same time, reduce greenhouse gases.

Our technology, our work, is pivotal in meeting that challenge. What we do, matters. Since 2015, when GE’s Renewable Energy business was created, we have come a long way in our mission to unleash limitless energy and are helping to bring the world closer to a cleaner future.

Being part of our team is an opportunity to play a part in taking the earth’s most 
abundant resources and put them to work with our breakthrough technology to unleash their true possibilities. Our team has the curiosity, scale, passion, diversity and focus to make that happen.
Don't just change the future.
Change the Now.
GE Renewable Energy is united in the belief that our work can make a difference to the future of our planet.

To unleash limitless energy and build a more renewable and sustainable world, it takes diverse thinking and those that dare to challenge to create the ideas, solutions and breakthroughs that matter.

It’s your chance to evolve and grow with smart people around you, who will empower you to rewrite the rules. Be ready to embrace change and focus to play your part in delivering the highest quality work, to make you mark and leave your legacy.
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