Edison Engineering Development Program

The Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP) has the mission to deliver the world’s most capable Engineers who are adept at solving problems and creating innovative technology for the power industry. We work to solve one of the biggest climate crisis problems, to provide electricity while at the same time, reducing greenhouse gasses. The Edison program provides accelerated learning and career development by exposing the program members to industry-leading innovators in the power sector.  

Members of EEDP will experience world-class training, including functional course work, which sets the foundation for successfully innovating the future of energy. Exposure to a variety of roles in design, testing, performance, controls, and services allow program members to leave EEDP well rounded and ready to tackle the future of energy.  
  • Two years of on-program experience comprised of performing meaningful customer-focused work

  • Four 6-month rotations resulting in real roles, impact, and responsibility

  • World-class education opportunities:

    • Industry, Product & Leadership Training

    • Internal classes taught by GE Experts

    • ​​​​​​​Train, work and learn with a globally diverse community of young professionals

Developing our next generation of LEADERS & INNOVATORS

At GE, we work to solve one of the world’s biggest challenges – to meet the rising global demand for affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy and lead the industries' decarbonization efforts to address climate change.
Participants will experience world-class training, including functional course work, continuous coaching, exposure to executive leadership, and global experiences.
Our program provides accelerated learning and professional development through rotational experiences, with the goal of generating our future Commercial Leaders.

Customer Application Engineering

Customer application engineering is a systems-engineering role that will focus on power plant integration and optimizing carbon capture technology. In this rotation, engineers will have an opportunity to conduct economic analyses the Department of Energy as well as provide reports for customers. Additionally, there will be opportunities to develop and standardize tools to further enhance understanding of heat balances for alternative fuels and improve thermoeconomic understanding. 

CCP Systems – Plant Process and Performance 

This role is catered towards the performance of existing or new power plants. You will have the chance to complete performance analyses for plants with unique systems. Involvement with the systems design teams will also be part of this role, as performance inputs are required to design them. Lastly, the performance team will not only assist in power maximization but also will assist with heat rate minimization to improve a variety of plant performance parameters, such as efficiency and output. 

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