Digital Technology Leadership ​​​​​​​Program

The Digital Technology Leadership Program (DTLP) aims to develop a pipeline of digital minded leaders with the right combination of business acumen and technical expertise to conquer the challenges of a leadership career within GE’s Energy Businesses (Renewable Energy, Power, Digital). Our mission is accomplished by ensuring the program and its participants, in alignment with our digital technology functions, gaining expertise in Leadership, Continuous Improvement, Problem Solving, Business Acumen, and Technical Aptitude. 

The rotational experience consists of four rotations each lasting a duration of six months. Year 1 focuses on developing the program member’s Energy and Business Knowledge, while Year 2 focuses on their development as a leader. It is an immersive experience that includes deep business and functional acumen, in-depth rotations of various functions, training, and experiences so that a program member can begin their journey of becoming the next generation of Energy leaders. 
  • Two years of on-program experience comprised of performing meaningful customer-focused work

  • Four 6-month rotations resulting in real roles, impact, and responsibility

  • World-class education opportunities:

    • Industry, Product & Leadership Training

    • Ability to earn a Master’s Degree credits and other opportunities

    • ​​​​Train, work and learn with a globally diverse community of young professionals

Developing our next generation of LEADERS & INNOVATORS

At GE, we work to solve one of the world’s biggest challenges – to meet the rising global demand for affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy and lead the industries' decarbonization efforts to address climate change.
Participants will experience world-class training, including functional course work, continuous coaching, exposure to executive leadership, and global experiences.
Our program provides accelerated learning and professional development through rotational experiences, with the goal of generating our future Commercial Leaders.

Disaster Recovery & Business Crisis Impact Leader

In this group rotation three DTLPs were responsible for a big project, addressing the biggest cyber risk today: ransomware; by using a risk-based approach. Leading the initiative to help application owners of the 20+ most critical applications to create a resilient environment to build disaster recovery plans while ensuring these plans are aligned with the business expectations by creating business impact analysis. This enables application owners to test disaster recovery plans and report outcomes for audit purposes. Our activities included regular updates towards CIOs; working together with a network of 80+ people; process engineering; application architecture analysis etc.

Optimization & Machine Learning 

GE in-house tool APOW (Automated Process and Optimization Workbench) is used across all GE businesses. It is used by design teams to develop workflows which enable them to create standard work for their calculation process to ensure knowledge capturing and reduce/eliminate human errors. APOW links these workflows to mathematical functions to execute Design of Experiments (DoE), Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification (UQ). In this project we want to extend the mathematical modelling capabilities of APOW, by implementing the latest Optimization and ML methodologies being currently developed by our academic partners. As a DTLP we work on technical tasks, like reviewing and integrating Optimization methodologies, advance in ML applied to engineering applications and have the opportunity to practice, lead project management and planning in the team.

Hear from a DTLP Member