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Meet some of our Team Members

David Frantz
Meet Amanda Lead test engineer Amanda's work begins well before the turbine reaches the test stand. Conventional sensors will not survive the harsh environment inside of the turbine, so she works to design and develop sensors that gather data to validate current components and gain knowledge to improve future designs.​​​​​​​
David Frantz
Meet Camilo Camilo is an engineer who specializes in repairing our 7HA turbine blades. Camilo works hard to recondition a turbine blade's tip so they may return to service for our customers. Thanks to Camilo and his team, they restore the blades to like-new condition!
David Frantz
Meet Clay Clay is a member of the Additive Product Team at our Advanced Manufacturing Works (AMW) in Greenville, SC. Clay’s team uses additive technology to produce components for our gas turbines with complex geometries and post-cast features in order to increase efficiency and performance, as well as reduce cycle time.