Always focused.
​​​​​​​Never fazed.


Opportunities in Field Services

In Field Services, we're there for the moments that matter. Whether we're installing the latest GE HealthCare technology or repairing and maintaining customers' existing equipment, our work is all about maximizing resources and enabling frontline healthcare professionals to deliver the highest standards of patient care.

It's fast-paced, and often involves juggling conflicting priorities. So to join us, you've got to be cool, calm, collected, and 100% committed to delivering for your customers.

Rise to the challenge, and you'll find that it's immensely rewarding. Both in terms of the satisfaction that comes from solving complex problems, and from the knowledge that your work will have a positive impact on patients' lives. 

The sheer variety of the work you do will mean you're constantly learning and growing on the job. You'll have the freedom to manage your own time and workload. But we'll always be there behind you, with the training you need, the support you want and the opportunities you deserve. 
Feel the excitement of solving a variety of problems
Take control of your own time and workload 
Do important work and make a meaningful impact​​​​​​​
Benefit from great training and ongoing support
Enjoy fantastic career development prospects

Key roles

Field Engineers
Travelling between customers within a defined region, our Field Engineers install larger pieces of equipment like X-Ray, CT and MRI scanners, as well as carrying out maintenance and repairs.

​​​​​​​Their work is key in enabling hospitals and healthcare centres to provide new and better services. They also have a big part to play in developing and maintaining our relationships with customers.
Biomedical Technicians
As the go-to people based on-site with specific customers, our Biomedical Technicians respond to service calls, then evaluate, diagnose and perform both repairs and preventative maintenance.

​​​​​​​Their work covers a variety of medical devices that provide vital services to patients, including ultrasound, anaesthesia, and maternal and infant care. Like our Field Engineers, they also play an important role in building customer relationships.
Directors of Service
Heading up large teams of engineers and technicians, supporting and enabling them to do their jobs well, our Directors of Service are responsible for delivering the best possible service to specific customers within a defined region. They have full autonomy and accountability for running their accounts from both a financial and operational perspective.  
Client Service Technicians
Working remotely, our Client Service Technicians own the 'first look' of troubleshooting on our imaging and Life Care Solutions equipment and perform preventative maintenance, inspections and any necessary field modifications. 
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Meet our people

Amanda - Field Engineer
Amanda talks about the autonomy and variety of being a Field Engineer, and how to stay focused when fixing life-saving equipment. 
Karen - Manager of Clinical Engineering
Karen talks about fixing a technical problem in theatre with a patient on the table, and the amazing support our field teams receive.
Natalie - Field Engineer
Natalie talks about how her role as a Field Engineer fixing and installing life-saving equipment gives her a real sense of purpose.
Gaby - Biomedical Technician
Gaby explains how she’s always loved fixing things – and just how much she’s learnt and developed in her time as a Biomedical Technician.
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