​​​​​​​Development Program
The success of our marketing function is critical to our business. This program is designed to accelerate the development of our future leaders through first-hand experience, marketing our solutions to target personas and key accounts across the United States and Canada.

You'll have the opportunity to gain experience in every aspect of marketing: strategy, data analytics, campaign management, account-based marketing, sales channel engagement, and creative content. Through the development of industry knowledge, marketing skills, and project management capabilities, program members are positioned to be a driving force within GE Healthcare’s strategy to win.  With these skills, you'll work across sub-functions within the Marketing department to optimize and improve healthcare. 

The program is designed to develop graduates who display three key skills: digital marketing/technological aptitude, a passion for marketing, and strong leadership.  Typically, program members come from a background with/major in a business or marketing focus.  This program will ensure you’re ready to support our vision to be the leading innovator delivering precision health.


A chance to be the driving force of GE Healthcare's customer-centric strategy

2-year program consisting of three 8 month rotations
Visibility to senior leadership and
extensive training opportunities
Available in the following locations: 
  • Chicago, IL*
​​​​​​​*unrestricted authorization required

What to expect on CDP

What you'll do
Support GE Healthcare’s marketing efforts through completion of project work in Solutions marketing, Sales Channel Engagement, Account-based Marketing, Strategy & Data analytics, Digital Marketing, Creative & Content, and Experiential Marketing (Tradeshows & events). MDPs are launched into careers as the next generation of marketing leaders.

Two of the three rotations are designed to be supported with a Mentor to build a true understanding of GE Healthcare’s strategy. Opportunities for interaction with talented and experienced peers come through project work and collaboration around creating cutting edge marketing strategy to build brand awareness and promote our company’s newest solution offerings.  

Structured training, on-the-job experience, and extensive coaching and mentoring will ensure you’re equipped with the functional, leadership and collaboration skills you need to succeed. 
What you'll develop
Critical habits and behaviors
Problem-solving skills, curiosity, and leadership abilities are all crucial for success here at GE Healthcare. 

Functional expertise
We’ll ensure you develop the all-round knowledge of our business you’ll need to drive long term, sustainable customer buying experiences.

Influence and persuasiveness
You’ll learn how to get others to buy into your way of thinking through a focus on project management, change management, and effective communication.

What you'll need
We need graduates with the technology and/or analytical abilities that can solve and communicate solutions for our customers.

You’ll need a business-focused/marketing background and passion for working across teams. Ability to embrace high pressure situations while staying focused on and keeping our customer needs at the center.

Leadership, humility, curiosity, grit, influence, and the ability to constructively resolve conflicts are all attributes we look for. Additionally, we look for people with a passion for learning new problem-solving skills, as well as how to play as a team, and how to influence others.

​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​
Our culture
We work as one. We win as one. And we strive to create a healthier world through a culture of focus, ownership and trust. Our people are global, diverse and dedicated, operating with the highest integrity and a lean mindset.

We foster an environment where everyone is encouraged to learn, grow and become better every day. We unlock ambition so our people can innovate, reach their potential and deliver transformational care. All so we can improve lives around the world.

We expect all employees to live and breathe our behaviors. To act with humility, build trust, lead with transparency, deliver with focus, and drive ownership. Always with unyielding integrity.