Edison Engineering
​​​​​​​Development Program
This engineering development program aims to meet our growing need for high caliber, technically skilled, influential technology and engineering leaders who support our vision to be the leading innovator delivering precision health. If you have a genuine passion for technology and you're eager to use your talents to make a meaningful difference, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to develop and build a successful career. 
Whether it's advanced imaging equipment that supports confident diagnoses or digitally-led solutions that change how healthcare is delivered around the world, this program will help develop your technical skills and cross-functional teamwork to grow your ability to make a difference in developing the technology behind the moments that matter.

An intensive two-year program designed to develop your technical and business skills, as well as your leadership capabilities
Consists of three 8-month rotational assignments, where you'll work on real engineering projects driven by current healthcare challenges
Combines rotating assignments with expert-mentoring and class-based learning to sharpen technical, leadership skills, and business awareness
Available in the following locations: 
  • ​​​​​​​China
  • ​​​​​​​India
  • USA* - unrestricted work authorization required

What to expect on EEDP

What you'll do
On this intensive, entry-level engineering program, you will learn with the help of our advanced business and technical training. At the same time, you'll gain practical experience on projects that are focused on innovation and driven by the needs of our customers and the business.

Over the course of two years, you'll complete three 8-month rotations – each one expanding a different skill set, learning new teams and phases of product development along the way. Depending on where your own talents and interests lie, rotation selection is customized to grow your focus on Mechanical, Electrical/Electronics, Biomedical, Computer, or Software Engineering.

You could be developing new contemporary technologies in diagnostic imaging, molecular imaging, ultrasound, critical care, nuclear medicine, or surgical navigation systems. You could be advancing solutions in patient monitoring technologies, fleet solutions, or advancing the digital ecosystem. You could be pushing the boundaries in Innovation, Systems Engineering, Data Analytics, AI, Deep Learning, Design, Quality, Reliability and Integration. 

Whatever you're doing, you’ll be coached throughout, given advanced engineering coursework to complete, and even earn credit towards a Master's degree (in the US). You'll also gain cross-functional exposure through team projects and training. Through your rotations you will gain experience in writing formal design requirements or analysis reports, presentating to engineering and leadership, gaining experience with change management and transition, all while meeting and learning from senior leaders across the business to help accelerate your career growth. 
What you'll develop
Technical capabilities 
Delivered by experts, our advanced courses in Engineering will focus your talents on real-world challenges in the healthcare field. Where possible, we'll also give you the chance to work towards a GE-funded Master’s degree.

Business acumen 
As well as honing your technical skills, we'll help you develop your customer awareness, knowledge of the industry and understanding of the basics of marketing from a financial and business perspective. 

Leadership potential
Through your assignments, you’ll develop those all-important leadership capabilities, such as team-work, decision-making, change management and technical presentation skills. You will learn more about your own working style and how to contribute to a team and encourage the environment around you.
What you'll need
To meet the challenge, you'll need a technical degree or higher education qualification in Engineering or Computer Science. This should be supported by focused knowledge of at least one of the following disciplines:

Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or Physics.

You'll also need to show evidence of technical expertise, plus the passion and ability to contribute to the medical device design and engineering process. Analytical and problem-solving skills are essential, and preference will be given to those who can act with humility, deliver with focus and lead with transparency.
Our culture
We work as one. We win as one. And we strive to create a healthier world through a culture of focus, ownership and trust. Our people are global, diverse and dedicated, operating with the highest integrity and a lean mindset.

We foster an environment where everyone is encouraged to learn, grow and become better every day. We unlock ambition so our people can innovate, reach their potential and deliver transformational care. All so we can improve lives around the world.

We expect all employees to live and breathe our behaviors. To act with humility, build trust, lead with transparency, deliver with focus, and drive ownership. Always with unyielding integrity.