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We’re ushering in a new era of patient care - bringing together data science and AI, advanced algorithms and smarter analytics, to improve lives in the moments that matter. 

Ready to harness the power of digital?

We live in a profoundly connected world, where billions of people use technology to share, collaborate and solve incredibly complex problems every day.  Now we're bringing that same approach to global healthcare – pushing the boundaries of digital to revolutionize not only the way diseases are diagnosed and treated but also how our business – and our industry – works.

To join us on that journey, we're looking for more top digital talent across a wide range of technologies and specialisms – everything from Software Developers and Solutions Architects to Product Managers and Test Engineers.  Wherever you join us, and in whatever role, you'll be able to harness the true power of digital to help create a healthier world.

Driving a new era of patient care Precision health is an approach to healthcare that is integrated, efficient and highly personalized. As a leading global medical technology company, we’re at the forefront of delivering this innovative new era of care, which has the potential to transform outcomes for patients, providers, health systems and researchers around the world. The scale and breadth of our portfolio, along with our digital capabilities, makes us unique – and perfectly placed to lead this revolution. 
Intelligence to enable better patient care Our technology is already driving the digitization of healthcare. At the heart of it all is our powerful intelligence platform, Edison, which can combine data sets from a huge range of healthcare networks, modalities, vendors and technologies. By leveraging healthcare machine learning, deep learning, AI and analytics it supports a raft of healthcare applications designed to increase productivity, streamline workflows, eliminate duplication and deliver the most personalized patient care yet seen.  
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Steve Laurent - Chief Information Officer, Digital Technology “This team enables everything we do across the company. From building a dedicated platform for our customers to keeping track of their installed base and interacting with our teams, to supporting virtual education functions, we boost performance and strengthen relationships.”
Paritosh Dhawale - Senior Vice President, Edison Enterprise Ecosystem “Together, we’re solving some of the toughest technical challenges. And the Edison platform is right at the heart of that.”
Asha Poulose - Vice President, Data & Analytics “Data aggregation is a central element of my job, and we collect data from more than 100,000 connected devices and equipment in the field, plus over 100 different systems across the enterprise, which spans 150 countries that adhere to regional data laws.” 
Karley Yoder - Chief Digital Officer, Ultrasound "How do we create an ecosystem of digital efficiency and care team collaboration around a device? AI is about how we make devices intuitive and easy-to-use, whether you're a novice or an expert in ultrasound. And partnerships are about moving at the speed of digital innovation."
Brian Bailey - CIO, Customer Digital Experience "Our north star was to create all of CDX using the customer's voice and designed with that intent, making it easy for them to navigate, access support at the moment they required, and so that it was truly frictionless."
Vignesh Shetty - Senior VP & GM of Edison AI & Platform "I wake up every morning excited knowing that our teams are building a future where healthcare is personalized, prevention-oriented, and hopefully becoming more affordable."
Jithashree R - Director of Software Engineering "My team of full-time GE Healthcare employees and vendor partner employees spans architects, technical product managers, program managers, developers, testers – the whole gamut."
Ganesh Mayya - Vice President of Software Engineering “Software is integral to scanning. Once we have the technology platform, the capabilities we can build on top of it are infinite.”
Oliver Astley - Chief Technology Officer, Monitoring Solutions  "Our technology makes early intervention possible, and this means it could save your life. Considering we sell to around 80 countries, and everything we build impacts people, it’s a big responsibility."

Where you could be working

Healthcare Digital We’re a $1.2 billion global digital business helping to run radiology and cardiology departments through applications and workflow solutions that are critical in diagnosing patients more accurately.

Our Edison, data science and AI products teams create the digital solutions at the core of capturing, storing and analyzing massive sets of health data. They then use advanced AI, machine learning, and data science to transform it into vital clinical information to help drive faster, better decision making. From more advanced MRI scans, to quicker workflow systems that speed up patients’ treatment pathways, we’re delivering a whole new era of care. 
Information Technology Information Technology is the backbone of our business – connecting people, processes and products to transform the way we work, and the way healthcare is delivered around the world.

This team enables everything we do: empowering our functions, our customers and our ways of working with them. From building a dedicated platform for our customers to keep track of their installed base and interact with our teams, to supporting virtual education functions, they boost performance and strengthen relationships.
Imaging Our Imaging business develops revolutionary, cutting edge technologies and solutions to improve the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of disease. Our imaging equipment, such as CT, MR or X-Ray systems, scans over a billion patients every year and we’re accelerating our investment in existing and breakthrough digital technologies – leveraging AI to deliver world-class clinical care.
Patient Care Solutions Our business develops medical devices and technology that help sustain life, and support patient care in every setting throughout the hospital environment.

Our vision is to connect caregivers and patients in an ecosystem that helps enhance patient care, enables better decision making, and drives efficiency for healthcare systems. And our intelligent devices and innovative tools and applications provide reliable, accurate, and actionable data at critical decision points.
Ultrasound Our Ultrasound portfolio is broad and meets clinical needs in diverse situations. We design and optimize systems for unique care settings, including; women’s health, cardiovascular, general radiology, primary care and point of care ultrasound.

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Healthcare Digital We offer a wide range of roles – from developers, Architects, and UX Designers to Data Scientists and Test Engineers – who will all have the opportunity to develop our industry-leading solutions. 
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Digital Technology We offer a wide range of roles, from Oracle DBA Engineers to Product and Program Managers. Whether you’re an expert in Cyber Security & Risk, Big Data, AI or the Cloud, you can help usher in a new era in patient care. 
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Our other businesses Beyond Healthcare Digital and Digital Technology, we have many opportunities within our Imaging, Ultrasound, and Patient Care Solutions businesses.

Meet our people

Advanced Visualization - Buc, France
Roland, VP Software Engineering - Buc, France
IT Centre of excellence - Krakow, Poland
Diána, Technical Project Manager - Budapest, Hungary 
David, Data Scientist - Budapest, Hungary 
Fabiano, Engineering Manager - Budapest, Hungary
Attila, Technical Project Manager - Budapest, Hungary

Unlocking the power of digital

In this season of On The Frontlines, Mikey Kay is in San Francisco, California, exploring how the healthcare industry is working to leverage data to become more efficient, predictive, and preventative for patient care. He chats with experts about how they are unlocking the power of digital for the future of healthcare.