African American Forum

Our mission is to support GE HealthCare in attracting, developing, connecting and retaining African American talent at all levels of the organization. 
We aim to do this through: support the recruitment efforts of talented African Americans into all functions of the business; leveraging diversity to build confidence, share experiences, and enhance career potential; creating a culture of belonging and foster a bonded community amongst all employees in the new world of hybrid-working; and ensuring effective, two-way communication between all our members.

Celebrating Black History Month

This year we celebrated ‘firsts’ and explored the achievements of our African American colleagues across the business.
Jason Riley
Larry Hillhouse

Hear from our trailblazers

“What can we do to ensure all races are celebrated on a daily basis as opposed to every year?” 

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“If I hadn’t had someone to talk to who knew where I was as an African American, I might not have gotten to where I am. The forum can put you in touch with people who understand your situation and help guide you through.”

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