Make every
​​​​​​​moment matter
At GE Healthcare, we strive to create a healthier world by thinking
​​​​​​​ big and unlocking opportunities for us, our customers and their patients.
We’re the people who
about the people
who care
Whether it’s clear imagery that provides confidence or digitally-led solutions that change how healthcare is delivered around the world, we make the complex simple.

We start with the best outcome imaginable and then innovate, collaborate, and build towards our aspirations. Our machines, our software, our solutions, and our people make a genuine difference because we never lose sight of what healthcare really needs - the human touch.
​​​​​​​We’re committed to improving lives in moments that matter. Some of those moments are personal. Some are shared. Some are small, and some change lives. We’re privileged to be present for all of them.
Be extraordinary
GE Healthcare is an extraordinary place to be for those who embrace challenges and jump on opportunities.

We use every moment to do things that matter. We welcome the unknown, see the strength in diversity and we harness the power of passion. Together, we can amplify your impact—on your career, the work you do and the world of healthcare.

So be curious, bold and brave. Surround yourself with people that have the energy and determination to innovate and deliver the intelligent solutions for those who make healthcare happen.
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Students and Graduates Imagine bringing cutting-edge technology to a healthcare business. Imagine a career where the possibilities are limited only by your creativity. Imagine making a life-changing difference to people, every day. At GE Healthcare, you can make this your reality, because we empower the next generation of brilliant minds to create a better future with us.
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Profis Become part of a challenging and vibrant environment, surrounded by a unique group of people. Be inspired to think big, grow and succeed, all while making a positive impact on the world. Join GE Healthcare
Innovating across the world
With over 50k employees around the world, we help change the lives of people across the globe. We’re global leaders in digital healthcare innovations, and we also lead locally, by conducting R&D in 18 countries, and making our products in 20 countries.

​​​​​​​ This is what makes us are one of the world’s top 3 med-tech companies.