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When your job is to deliver what the world needs, there is no room for busy work. GE interns and leadership program participants work to solve real-world challenges, sometimes spurring innovations that change the way we do business. GE is hiring pioneers, problem solvers, dreamers & leaders across the globe.

How will the way you think shape the world? 
What the world needs... is YOU! Plenty of people work to give the world what it wants. But who’s working on what the world needs? GE is looking for pioneers, problem solvers, dreamers and leaders to provide the world brilliant answers to urgent questions.

GE China 2021 EID

EIDs will experience a real work environment at GE,
while developing the professionalismneeded to
succeed in their future careers.


​​​​​​​EIDs who have outstanding performance during the
internship will get Leadership Program offer and join
GE China when they graduate the next year.
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Internship Locations Across 57 Countries


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% of Leadership Program Employees Who Are Former Interns


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% of GE Senior Leaders Who Are Leadership Program Graduates


Internships / Co-op Opportunities An internship at GE allows you to explore your future while doing impactful work. A majority of our interns & co-ops are hired into our prestigious leadership programs and other entry level positions.
Graduating? Browse our entry-level opportunities! Each year, GE hires 2,000+ college graduates right out of school. Find a full-time opportunity that's right for you. Our leadership programs are featured below, or search for a direct role below.
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Leadership Programs

Commercial Leadership Program
If you are interested in using your business or technical background to build strong customer relationships, sell or support the sales of our products and services and help create outcome-driven solutions to our customers' biggest issues.
Digital Technology Leadership Program
​​​​​​​If you want to build digital products and services that accelerate the way GE works and deliver value to GE’s employees worldwide, DTLP is for you.
Edison Engineering Development Program
If you love technology and desire a career in Engineering, EEDP is for you.  Edison Engineers understand and apply engineering fundamentals in the business environment and design, analyze, and test the technology that makes GE great.
Financial Management Program
If you desire experiences in a variety of finance domains such as commercial finance, supply chain finance, finance IT, financial planning and analysis, learn more about FMP.
Graduate Engineering Training Program
​​​​​​​Hands-on experience to develop early career Engineers into field service and application engineering roles.
Human Resources Leadership Program
Are you a curious learner, passionate about the employee experience, and developing talent and great leaders while being an operational partner to our businesses?  Come and join our team!
Junior Officer Leadership Program
Transition your military career into a successful GE career.
Operations Management Leadership Program
If you desire accelerated development to embrace opportunities in Operations, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Quality and Environmental Health and Safety, OMLP is for you.
"Embrace the title intern because, for GE,
​​​​​​​that means something big is expected of you."
Jonathan, Intern, GE Power
Tips for Applying
Before submitting your application and resume, take a look at some helpful tips from a GE recruiting and staffing leaders.
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