People with Disabilities
Network (PDN)

PDN is committed to ensuring GE employees with disabilities not only have accessible workplaces, but
also the support they need to achieve high performance in their career at GE. Through education,
collaboration, and other engagement, PDN is helping to promote GE as an employer of choice for people
with disabilities.

Program Summary
Established in 2016, People with Disabilities Network (PDN) is GE’s newest affinity network. PDN was created with the overarching goal of fostering a business culture that recruits, develops, promotes, and retains disabled employees while also providing support, resources, and awareness to the broader GE community. We focus our efforts on awareness, education, and engagement, and ensuring our workplaces are accessible to all employees. PDN's active members include families of people with disabilities and allies throughout the company who share the goal of providing an environment where employees with disabilities can connect and thrive.
Areas of Focus
Recruiting and Career Development: PDN works with the recruiting and HR teams to promote GE as the employer of choice for people who deal with disabilities, and to hire and retain people with disabilities.

Resources and Facilities: PDN works with HR, business leaders, and facilities to make GE a company where people with disabilities can achieve high performance.

Awareness, Education, and Membership: By sponsoring events at local sites, within businesses, and across businesses, PDN strives to attract new members, engage existing members, and educate leaders about the challenges that disabled people face.
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