Human Resources
Leadership Program 
Innovative initiatives would never see the light of day without a brilliant team to deliver them. We combine intelligent people, intelligent platforms, and a culture of constant evolution to drive big results for our customers and the great big world that GE serves.

What to expect on HRLP

HRLP consists of three 8-month rotations in actual open HR roles, facing real business challenges. That being said, no two rotations will be the same. Every HRLP’s experience in unique. The program tailors rotations to best fit your interests and your growth journey.

Popular rotations include:
  • HR generalist
  • Employee relations
  • Compensation and benefits
  • staffing
  • Organizational design
HRLP is a community of partners, resources and friends.

Program participants are able to build a network of support throughout their time on program.

This network is comprised of advocates, mentors, peers and form the foundation for lasting relationships.

​​​​​​​Would you believe we have close to 1000 HRLP alumni from over the past 66 years?
HRLP is viewed as a development accelerator due to the challenging assignments, robust trainings, and strong network that you build while on program.

The cornerstones of your experience will be the global, week-long seminars. During the two in-person and one virtual seminars, you will work with your HRLP peers from around the world, in partnership with senior HR and business leaders.

​​​​​​​Seminars focus on formal learning, business simulations, community service, external speakers and networking. 

In addition, you'll attend sessions at our Learning campus in Crotonville, NY campus and gain exposure to projects and invidividual coaching.


"People often ask me why I chose to join GE in the current business climate and my answer is always the same: I’m valued. Since joining GE a little under a year ago, I continue to be amazed at how greatly my voice is heard, how valued my input is, and how much I’m trusted with. To me, the most significant aspect of being valued is feeling connected, and at GE I feel a strong sense of connection not only to my peers and co-workers, but also to my leaders. What makes me feel even more valued is how heavily I am invested in, early-career development here is truly second to none. So, why am I #GEProud? Once again, the answer is simple: I’m valued, I’m invested in, and most importantly, I belong."
-James H., GE Power, United States