Edison Engineering
​​​​​​​Development Program 
EEDP is for those with a passion for technology, a drive for technical excellence, and share in GE's core values. The program accelerates participants' professional and technical development within GE’s Advance Courses in Engineering and a variety of business-critical engineering assignments.  Edison graduates have the technical and business foundation to proactively and continually make innovative contributions to GE's future.
Experience across the engineering spectrum including engineering hardware design, controls,
​​​​​​​validation testing, materials, power electronics, software and so much more:
  • Entry level engineering development program
  • 3-4 X 6-12  month rotations
  • In person and virtual leadership, technology, and business acumen training

What to expect on EEDP

You will have the opportunity to complete 3-4 rotations within the Engineering function of your business across 2-3 years.  Assignments range across the engineering spectrum including hardware development and design, testing, and software.  GE’s Edison Engineering rotations and assignments use technology to solve the world’s problems, have high-value impact, and offer multiple opportunities for exposure to the technical and business leaders in the company.
With Edison Engineering Development Programs in over 12 countries and 60 locations, you will join a globally diverse community of early-career engineers  as well as a community comprised of all of GE’s development and leadership programs.  

​​​​​​​The relationships you develop on program are the start of your professional network, and some will become friends for life!
Edison Engineers are provided exceptional technical training via GE experts in GE’s Advance Courses in Engineering.  This training allows our Edison Engineers to apply their engineering knowledge to GE’s real-world problems.  

​​​​​​​In addition, where available, Edison Engineers are offered the  option to pursue a GE-funded Masters degree, in addition to training in leadership, advanced technology, and design methodology.


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GE’s Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP) offers exceptional experiences to begin a career in engineering and product design. Gain professional development through intense technical training and a variety of business-critical assignments to make innovative contributions.