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Turning Research Into Reality to Redefine Industries
Creating ceramic materials as tough as metal that are revolutionizing the efficiency of commercial jet engines. Adapting medical x-ray technology to check for gas leaks deep underwater. Building an operating system for industry to automate and optimize the tens of billions of machines getting connected to the Internet. At GE Research, we are turning cutting-edge research into commercial realities that are redefining major industry sectors and much more

There’s a lot to absorb as you’re getting started. Below, we’ve outlined key pieces of information to review when it comes to getting to know our company. ​​​
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Learn About Who We Are
  1. Understand our company a bit better by exploring who we are and reviewing Our People.

  2. We have deep expertise in many domains, and by assembling interdisciplinary teams across them our ability to find unconventional solutions is unparalleled. Learn more about or Technology Domains

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Dive a Little Deeper
  1. Type in GE Acronym Bot on Skype to learn our internal acronyms.

  2. Gain an understanding of our financials, our compliance guidelines and explore our contracts & pricing portal.

Discover Even More
  1. Learn about our stance on Diversity & Inclusion.

  2. Watch our videos about Preventing Workplace Violence, Physical Security & Safety.

  3. Explore Integrity at GE.

  4. Review GE’s annual report and watch GE in the news.

  5. Shop GE Gear.

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