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GE Research is located in Niskayuna which is a town within Schenectady County. The 4 counties of Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer and Saratoga comprise most of the geographic area known as “The Capital Region” as Albany is the Capital of New York State with a population of just over 1 MM people.   Our employees tend to reside in all of the counties/towns around the Capital Regions, with probably the heaviest emphasis in the Niskayuna and Clifton Park/Saratoga areas.  The typical commute time (according to Metro Surveys) is ~ 20 minutes by personal automobile – and the campus of GE Research is accessible from multiple residential areas. 

Only you know best what lifestyle will work best for your stage of life! Included below we have many links we hope you will find helpful.

As far as housing in Niskayuna, which would give you the closest commute to GE Research, there is a good range of suburban options – apartment complexes and neighborhoods (if looking to purchase a single family home).  Most of the apartment complexes are basic multi-unit apartments and can be found on the Apartment Guide site

For specifics about the town of Niskayuna itself and the award-winning public-school district, here are some direct links to sites with a wealth of information:

For more unique living options, Schenectady (next town) offers a broad range of options …. Including Victorian style rentals, brownstones, neighborhood complexes and also apartment buildings in urban-type settings.

The area called the Stockade within downtown Schenectady is a historic area rich in history …  There are several housing options (own or rent) within this urban area.

Electric City Apartments is a new property with great walkability to theatres, restaurants and the downtown scene.

Lofts at Frog Alley is another new property located right in downtown Schenectady.

Mohawk Harbor is also a newly constructed rental building that is along the Mohawk River and offers restaurants and shops at 1st level and great amenities.

Not in the downtown area, but newly opened is Net Zero  This is an entirely eco-friendly community … one of our new hires just rented here and loves it!

In addition to the Niskayuna/Schenectady area, within 20 minutes of GE Research our region offers rural living styles (land 5, 10+ acres) too. 

Our dining scene is home to multiple options … Some great restaurants you may want to consider include….. Innovo Kitchen (Bistro - Latham); Daleys on Yates (Schenectady); Marios (Niskayuna – neighborhood Italian); Zen (Asian Fusion- Schenectady), Johnny’s (Italian-Schenectady) and some fun & funky places like Tara Kitchen (Moroccan), Druthers (craft beer & variety of food), Ya-Ya’s House of Southern Cuisine, City Squire Ale House and 151 are a few that come to mind.

To learn more about the Capital Region, Niskayuna, and the surrounding area’s please watch the video below.
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