Financial Management
​​​​​​​Program (FMP)

FMP is a two-year early career development program and a proven path for accelerated career growth.
This rotational program combines coursework, a variety of  job assignments and interaction with senior
GE leaders, as well as the global FMP community. FMP program members build exceptional corporate
finance and business skills and go on to leadership positions in the company.  FMP members connect
​​​​​​​ every part of GE and offer insight, looking beyond numbers to find solutions that help GE succeed.
Program Details
  • 2 year program:  4 rotations of 6 months
  • In-depth finance and leadership training
  • Rotations in core GE Finance competencies
                        Commercial Finance & Project Financing
                        Supply Chain Finance
                        Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Exposure to diverse initiatives
  • Be part of a tight-knit community.
  • Crotonville or Regional Leadership Training: Activating your Leadership Journey
  • Active coaching throughout the program
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Learn More About Life in the FMP

GE’s Financial Management Program (FMP) offers exceptional experiences to begin a career in corporate finance. Build exceptional corporate finance and business skills. 
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“It’s been a remarkable opportunity to learn within different
functions of finance, develop our leadership skills and adapt
to unique cultures all the while receiving mentorship
​​​​​​​ from our leaders.”
Christine A.