Edison Engineering Development

Program (EEDP)

EEDP is for those with a passion for technology, a drive for technical excellence, and share in GE's core values. The program accelerates participants' professional and technical development within GE’s Advance Courses in Engineering and a variety of business-critical engineering assignments.  Edison graduates have the technical and business foundation to proactively and continually make innovative contributions to GE's future.
Program Details
  • 2-3 year program: 3-4 rotations of 6-12 months
  • Rotational assignments are engineering projects driven by real GE business priorities. 
  • Advanced engineering coursework
  • Earn credit towards an M.S. degree (depending on location)
  • Formal reports and presentations to senior leadership
  • Eng@GE class – focusing on design review fundamentals
  • Crotonville or Regional Leadership Training:  Activating your Leadership Journey
  • Active coaching throughout the program
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GE’s Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP) offers exceptional experiences to begin a career in engineering and product design. Gain professional development through intense technical training and a variety of business-critical assignments to make innovative contributions.
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"We’re given these opportunities that allow us
to really develop into a significant contributor
in a short period of time. I’m on my fourth rotation
in the Advanced Technologies organization,
​​​​​​​working with steam conceptual design.”
Courtney R.