Inclusion & Diversity

​​​​​​​Inclusion & Diversity

At GE, we believe in the value of your unique identity, background, and experiences. We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture, where everyone feels empowered to do their best work because they feel accepted, respected, and that they belong. 

By embracing diverse teams and perspectives,
​​​​​​​we are better equipped to build a world that works.
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Each for Equal in STEM
GE is committed to recruiting and hiring qualified women for STEM roles. We also strive to maintain an environment where all employees want to join, stay and contribute while experiencing their own growth and fulfillment in their careers.
A Call to Courage for Equality
We have a long history of promoting inclusion and diversity in our global workforce, and recognize that we still have more to progress to make.   

Today, we continue investing in programs for early education, community outreach, and talent development through GE Volunteers & our other affinity networks, first established in 1991.
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Meet Our Employee Resource Groups

 For nearly 30 years, GE's ERG stand as communities built on common backgrounds and experiences that welcome all employees to learn, connect, advocate, and foster a sense of belonging.
 African American/Affinity Forum (AAF)
The AAF has a deep-rooted history and culture within GE as the oldest ERG. Born out of activism, the AAF was founded on the principle of community, attracting, promoting, and developing diverse talent in America and across GE’s global operations. As the group evolves from awareness and allyship to advocacy, they remain committed to driving transformative growth.
Asian Pacific Allies & Friends (APAF) 
Founded to support GE’s Asian Pacific Islander American (APIA) employees across North America, APAF offers education and mentoring opportunities to grow leadership abilities. The group promotes the value ofthe APIA community and works closely with APIA students interested in pursuing STEM careers. APAF has a strong community service component, organizing and participating in many activities with outside partners. 
Pride Alliance (PRIDE)
The Pride Alliance is welcoming of employees who identify as part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual, and intersex(LGBTQAI+) community and their allies. The group raises awareness around LGBTQAI+ issues and provides support and advocacy for creating inclusive work environments. The Pride Alliance promotes GE’s commitment to developing LGBTQAI+ talent and engages in meaningful conversations with senior leadership.
Hispanic Forum (HF)
The HF is committed to creating an inclusive environment where Hispanics can thrive and become a culture catalyst for GE and our communities through promoting Hispanic heritage, showcasing Hispanic talent and value, and enabling strong networks and alliances across ERGs. HF draws upon the talents and passions of its members to explore and share Hispanic culture, elevating important conversations on social and economic issues, as well as community support.
Disabilities Advocacy Network (DAN)
The DAN’s mission is to provide support and resources that enable people with disabilities, their families, and allies to connect and thrive. With nearly 2,000 members, DAN raises awareness and fosters a sense of inclusion in our communities through events, education, and advocacy efforts.
Veterans Network
Building on GE’s strong commitment to military veteran recruitment and development, the Veterans Network was established in 2009 to make GE an employer of choice for veterans, reservists, and guardsmen. The Veterans Network creates a GE community of veterans and veteran leaders to support and encourage the career development and growth of all members.
Women’s Network (WN)
The GE Women’s Network was created to empower, energize, and elevate women at GE to ensure equity. It is a medium through which we work together to support and develop the strengths and talents of our female employees, create leadership and career advancement opportunities, build strong relationships across the entire GE enterprise, and amplify the success of GE women, to further promote their growth and produce more GE women leaders.

The Women’s Network was created in 1997 and over the past two decades, it has evolved into a worldwide organization that helps thousands of women around the world. This includes sharing the experience, best practices, and knowledge of successful women role models at GE, promoting female talent, and defining policies that build inclusion, equity and diversity.

By engaging and developing women in GE, we are contributing to diverse teams and perspectives to ensure GE’s growth as a company and help build a world that works for everyone.
Green Team Network (GTN)
Building on GE’s commitment to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations and facilities by 2030, the Green Team Network supports and furthers GE’s sustainability goals with a grassroots-driven approach. Its members are passionate GE employees from around the world who help educate peers, share best practices, and execute local projects in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
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