Commercial Leadership
​​​​​​​Program (CLP)

The Commercial Leadership Program (CLP) is a two-year developmental program in sales and marketing. Throughout the two years, you will either have 3 or 4 rotations, depending on your business unit. You will be placed in thoughtful, challenging roles to develop critical skills like leadership, critical thinking and taking initiative. You will be working with the best and brightest in a fast pace environment with leaders who will take time out of their schedules to support your development.
Program Details
  • 2 year program:  3 or 4 rotational assignments
  • Rotations in Sales, Commercial Operations, Sales Support, Product Management, Marketing Strategy, Pricing and Application Engineering
  • Intense training that incorporates curriculum developing sales, marketing and core leadership competencies.
  • Engaged with strong global CLP community
  • Crotonville or Regional Leadership Training:  Activating your Leadership Journey
  • Active coaching throughout the program
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GE’s Commercial Leadership Program (CLP) offers exceptional experiences to begin a career in sales and marketing.
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"After graduating, I joined GE Digital’s Innovation Services team.
From developers in start-ups to customers with large scale
manufacturing operations, our team is developing tools
and solutions to make connecting to the Industrial Internet
as easy as possible. It’s very rewarding to see our customers
get access to data that drives better intelligence and
decision making."
Lizzi L.