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People are the cornerstone of our great past and brilliant future.  This is why we love to hear their stories and share them with all of you. 

What a STEM team! On the Rivalta shop floor there’s a team of women who knows how to get inspired and foster STEM professionalism while facing the aviation industries challenges and missions.
Handing Tech Passion Down Transferring professionalism and technical skills from generation to generation means value for the future and business continuity, like the story of Salvatore and Elvis can tell.
STEM is Wonder
There is a spark that turns on the passion for technical-scientific disciplines and continues to shine in the eyes of those women committed to the industry of the future.
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Two increasingly used words, full of importance and particularly trendy today: but also words that, depending on the context in which are used, take on different nuances and relevant meanings.  So, we asked our colleagues for their definition of Lean and Leadership in Avio Aero.  Here's what they answered...

L like LEAN
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