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GE Internal Audit Mission

"We are a diverse team, elevating performance and reinforcing trust in GE. Through Lean, Data driven techniques, we provide innovative risk insights and collaborative solutions, enabling GE to unlock value and to Build a World That Works."

Brandi Thomas, Chief Audit Executive, and Chief Diversity Officer - GE

GE is in the midst of a significant and public transformation of its portfolio, leadership, operations, and culture. One of the top priorities within this transformation is the ongoing build of GE’s Internal Audit function, GEAR (GE Audit & Risk Advisory Services). This function will be aligned and incorporated into each business as an independent entity to provide ongoing support. This will enable effective, compliant, and legal spin offs of each business over the course of the transformation plan while providing continuous assurance and advisory work with an expanded risk focus.  
GEAR, with the help and guidance of Brandi Thomas’ leadership, is currently evolving the function through a set of core audit principles rooted deeply in GE’s cultural beliefs– Humility, Transparency and Focus. In combination, these principles allow the company to maintain a keen focus on continuous improvement, healthy disruption, and transformation in every aspect of the organization, including Internal Audit. Brandi and her leadership team aim to honor the integrity of these beliefs within a modernized Internal Audit function.
GEAR’s vision is to firmly establish Internal Audit as a diverse team that helps to elevate GE’s performance and reinforce trust in the company. Leveraging lean and data-driven techniques, GEAR will provide innovative risk insights and collaborative solutions that enable GE to unlock value and build a world that works.

                         Internal Audit                                                                             

  • Aligned to GE’s core businesses and functions: Aviation, Compliance, Corporate, Healthcare, Power & Renewables
  • Providing core assurance and advisory support as strategic risk advisors
  • Expanded risk focus of financial, strategic, operational, digital, cyber, compliance and emerging risks
  • Performing integrated audits in conjunction with Tech & Cyber Audit

                     Tech and Cyber Audit               

  • ​​​​​​​Embedded within GE’s core businesses
  • Providing core assurance and advisory support as strategic risk advisors
  • Focused heavily on IT and cyber governance, risk, and operations
  • Leading complex technical assessments leveraging a multi-disciplinary team

Meet GE Internal Audit Team

“As GE Internal Audit does through this global transformation, we are really able to step back and define what an audit shop looks like, how do we bring value to the organization and attract the right talents. It is really a once in al lifetime to build a new group within a 100+ year old company with global visibility. As GE hires for this new team, the focus is on building a world class team, I characterize as building an All Start team. We have the opportunity to hire the best of the best!”
- Chris Dunn, Director, Technology Audit at GE
Chris Dunn
“I joined GE directly from University and I now been 11 years with GE. My career has been focused on Finance throughout but I had the chace to see 6 different industries with one company. I took the opportunity to join GEAR as Internal Audit Manager as I was looking for a position where I can leverage my years of experience in GE across multiple businesses to drive business value as we're in transition towards a new Energy Company.”
- Lina Wahlström, Internal Audit Manager - Renewable Energy
Lina Wahlstrom
“When you talk with people at GE, you can feel their passion for what we do for the World. Being a part of the Audit organization means we have a unique perspective in the company to protect and enhance GE's businesses. What is compelling for me is the opportunity in front of this team to build something together that is just a complex, global, and historic as it is exciting, collaborative, and inspiring.”
- Ryan Dale, Senior Advisor, Cyber Security Assurance at GE
Lina Wahlstrom
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