Asian Pacific American Forum (APAF)

APAF serves more than 9,000 Asian Pacific American (APA) employees working at GE in North America. Our initiatives and resources help GE's APA professionals to grow their leadership abilities. And in the communities where we live and work, we support APA students interested in pursuing STEM careers.
Program Summary
GE's Asian Pacific American Forum (APAF) started as a grassroots organization in 1998 in Schenectady, NY, with a kickoff meeting attended by 150 GE employees. APAF is committed to the retention and growth of our members, developing world-class leaders, supporting our communities, and helping GE grow in our international markets. APAF has 18 hubs and 33 chapters in the U.S. and Canada, serving the more than 9,000 Asian Pacific American (APA) employees at GE. The national meetings are attended by over 750 employees and leaders across the company. In 2016, APAF held its second Customer Summit with more than 120 external partners and business leaders in attendance.
"As the premier Digital Industrial company, the evolving needs of GE, the skills of APAF members, and the opportunities for growth in our markets are aligned. APAF helps GE become the destination of choice for top APAs and catalyzing its growth in the region.”
Mahendra Nair 
GE Aviation 
APAF Operating Leader
Our Priorities
APAF's core pillars are outlined below. Each pillar has multiple initiatives, which are listed according to their current priority for our organization.

Developing Our Members
APA Women: This initiative focuses specifically on the leadership development of APA women at GE. It identifies the unique traits and challenges that Asian-American women face in the workplace and provides resources for professional and personal development.

Strengthening Our Communities
Igniting Minds™: APAF developed a program to improve student confidence in math and science and foster students' interest in pursuing STEM careers.

Growing GE
Pipeline to Growth: APAF is focused on supporting GE’s growth strategy through our Pipeline to Growth (PTG) initiative, which is designed to help build a talent bench for existing and upcoming job openings. Through programs like PTG, APAF is helping GE find the best resources in its growing markets, make connections with local customers, and mentor and identify Asian Pacific Americans who can lead change. Interested employees are encouraged to explore career opportunities in, and consider moving to, growth regions in Asia and the MENAT region for professional development.
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