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The GE Aviation Turkey Technology Center is where diverse engineers and scientists are creating digitally enabled next-generation Aviation technologies powered with additive. Turkey Technology Center is located in Tubitak Marmara Research Center in Gebze since 2000.  Approximately 430 engineers work in our company where GE collaborates with customers on engineering and software solutions.  

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Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP)

EEDP is an early pipeline of technical talent to GE's technical teams, by hiring the best and brightest technology graduates and then introducing to engineering challenges, opportunities and training, creating the next generation of engineering talents to solve the world's toughest challenges.  If you haev a real passion for Aviation and want a career of driving technical excellence, the EEDP is for you!

Classes taken through EEDP may be counted for elective classes at Istanbul Technical University master and doctorate programs.
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