Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP) 
Innovative initiatives would never see the light of day without a brilliant team to deliver them.  The Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP) is a two-year program designed to develop you as a forward-thinking leader capable of meeting the challenges of facing the Operations, Supply Chain, Manufacturing Quality, and Environmental Health & Safety areas of GE Aerospace. 

What to expect

On this program you will work in three different rotations across the business, gaining experience within the supply chain. 

Popular rotations include:
  • Operations Supervisor
  • Lean Leader
  • Manufacturing/ Process Engineer
  • Materials Planner
We believe the diversity of GE Aerospace and within the community that we serve, allows you to bring your whole self to work.  During the two years you will experience many locations and people that will come together as a community, locally and virtually, to provide fellowship and support throughout your entire GE Aerospace career.
When joining OMLP you are not joining just one business or one site, you are joining an entire community of people who are dedicated to your personal and professional growth.  This program is rooted in history where through challenging assignments, engaging training, and frequent insights help our early career leaders gain a foundation in supply chain and leadership. 

What Our Participants Are Saying

"During the course of earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering, it’s easy to wonder if after college, you will ever use the things you’re learning in college. Here’s a secret: no one knows the specific problems you’ll be working on 5, 10, 20 years from now. However, the more proficient you become applying the Problem Solving Process, the better equipped you’ll be to tackle intimidating and complex problems that you’ll face in the real world (for example, how to make GE Aerospace a net-zero carbon company by 2050?). GE takes on big challenges, and we need people who can lean in and tackle complex problems to join us in building a world that works.

Matthew L. 
I was extremely nervous about moving on my own to a new city. I didn’t know how I would do being away from home and how I would make friends. Turns out my first co-op placement I would make lifelong friends in the other co-ops, and we still talk about how fun it was to this day. GE had a council set up that was led by co-ops where we set up lunch and learns, social events, volunteering events, etc. and I met everyone through these events and had a blast even when it was a spring semester with significantly fewer co-ops than in the summers."

​​​​​​​Allan S. 

The most memorable experiences that I have had at GE have to be related to the people that I’ve met throughout the different shops and sites that I’ve been to. I have had sites where I’ve worked where it feels like a complete family environment and on my first day, I feel like I’m apart of the group already. I have so many that I have met from my internships and my time on program where we keep up, and build tight connections that last a long time.”

Aaron M.