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Experienced Career Relaunch Program

The GE Aerospace Take2Flight program is for experienced professionals ready to return to work after a career break of one year or longer. Pausing your career to focus on other things can be an asset to your journey instead of a hurdle! This direct hire program, meaning the relauncher is hired as an employee from day one, with 12-weeks of customized programming exists to support relaunchers to ease back into full-time technical positions with a team who understands and appreciates non-traditional career journeys, unique skills, and life experience like yours. You can return to a career alongside others (as a cohort) who share in this journey, and receive guidance from mentors and people leaders who are motivated to support you.
What does the program offer?
  • Customized comprehensive on-boarding and industry-specific skills training.
  • Impactful projects aligned to your skillset.
  • Opportunity to learn workplace tools on-the-job alongside others.
  • A network of support for the next phase of your career and beyond.
Who is Take2Flight for?
We value the diverse skills and experience that can be gained when taking time away from climbing the career ladder. Take2Flight is for people returning to work after:
  • Starting or raising a family
  • Caring for a family member
  • Teaching, military service, continuing education, entreprenuerial ventures, trailing spouse, volunteer or community service, political office
  • Many other professional or personal pursuits
What makes Take2Flight different?
GE Aerospace will support you all the way through the process from initial contact through hiring and onboarding and the first 12 weeks on the job.  GE Aerospace also supports you with:
  • Full-time opportunities in STEM roles.
  • Rewarding work that rewards you for your previous experience and qualifications.
  • Mentorship and career coaching.
  • Professional development and upskilling training opportunities.
  • A cohort of relaunchers to build a network of mutual support and community.
GE Aerospace and the Take2Flight: Experienced Career Relaunch Program are part of the STEM Reentry Task Force, the groundbreaking career reentry initiative co-led by the Society of Women Engineers and iRelaunch.


Candidates for Take2Flight should meet the following qualifications:
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Have interest in returning in either a full-time or part-time technical position
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A minimum of one year career break
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Have a qualifying degree and at least 5 years of relevant experience

Meet the Program Leader

Bianca McCartt
"At GE Aerospace, we launched the Take2Flight program to increase the odds that talented and capable people can relaunch their career following a break. In my own career, I've seen how shifting gears can be advantageous at times. Making the decision to take some time off can renew your capacity for challenging work and add to your skillset. My aim as the program leader is to support our relaunchers in making a seamless transition back into the workforce."

From our Executive Champion

Luana Iorio, General Manager, GE Engines Services Engineering Why do we support Take2Flight at GE Aerospace?

"We know it is critical to find talent at every step of their career. Building jet engines isn’t easy, but when you have the right people in place, it is achievable. When a person re-enters the work force, they are bringing diversity of thought and experience to the team. This makes us stronger. I am excited to see who is ready to help us invent the future of flight, lift people up and bring them home safely. Is it you?"

Meet relaunchers who left for one passion and returned to flight!

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Karen M Morgan "I joined GE on the Edison engineering development program in 1984. After 10 years with the company, I decided to leave to be a stay at home mom with my three young children. I returned to GE 10 years later in 2004. I’d been told that coming back into a technical role would be difficult after that much time. What I found was the exact opposite. My technical background was still very relevant. The work was actually easier in some ways, because during the years I was gone, much of the work became more digital. The key skills for re-entry are the ability to work well with people, to listen, adapt and learn. Your team members will help you come back up to speed. There are many aspects of coming back into the workplace that you need to consider and address. In my opinion, one thing not to worry about is whether you can do the technical aspects of the job."
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Marcia Asari "I returned to GE to work part time after a 6-year break.  My career has continued to grow over the past 10 years, as I have pursued different technical roles with the flexibility to care for my family’s needs.  You have to be clear with yourself and others about how much you can do.  I find the balance between career and home very rewarding."
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Nancy Pazienza "I was very nervous about returning to work after taking years off. I thought I wouldn’t know anything, wouldn’t be able to keep up, wouldn’t be able to balance all the parts of my life, etc. In reality, the company made it easy for me to come back. The people are the best part of GE Aerospace! My manager and co-workers were very supportive. My brain switched on again for relearning old things and tackling new projects. Some of my at-home skills transferred well to the workplace. One piece of advice I would give is to not be afraid to ask for help. Most of us want to help each other out."
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Jessica Conlon "I joined GE Aerospace after 13 years as a stay-at-home mom. Getting up to speed was definitely intense at first, especially since my past engineering experience was both dated and not nearly as technical as my role at GE! However, everyone I’ve encountered is more than willing to share knowledge. Additionally, many of the soft skills that I used for managing my household of six as well as my volunteer work have proven useful in the workplace. GE has been a great place to return to work due to the people and the schedule flexibility. It isn’t always easy balancing work and life, but the chance to do interesting work and collaborate with other engineers has made it worth it!"

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