A GE Aerospace Female Finance Professional
Financial Management Program (FMP) 
Being part of FMP means you will experience inclusive, personalized coaching during this two-year early career development program and also be a part of a globally diverse community. This rotational program combines coursework, a variety of job assignments, and interaction with GE Aerospace leaders. FMP program members build exceptional corporate finance and business skills and go on to leadership positions within the company. FMP members connect every part of GE Aerospace and offer insight, looking beyond the numbers to find solutions that help build a world that works.

What to expect

The FMP provides you the opportunity to work with diverse teams and the potential to work at different locations, GE Aerospace businesses, and functions for six-months per rotation. 

Our core rotations include:

  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Commerical Finance
You will be a part of a global young professionals cohort with exposure to a variety of leaders across the company.

Outside of your normal responsibilities, you and fellow program members also have the opportunity to participate in activities through GE Volunteers and in outings away  from your office setting.
FMP offers a variety of opportunities to develop yourself professionally and personally through technical and leadership trainings.

You will take part in a blend of in-person and virtual classes each rotation that complement your work scope.  

For global and cross-leadership reach, you will also be a part of a group to hone your soft skills, supporting each other during the two year program.

​​​​​​​GE’s Financial Management Program (FMP) offers extra ordinary experiences to begin a career in corporate finance. Build exceptional corporate finance and business skills.
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 What Our Participants Are Saying

"It's a rare privilege to find a true community within your workplace.  FMP promotes a culture of caring about not only what we do, but who we're doing it with.  I'm proud to be a part of a community with such a rich history and bright future ahead"

Audrey G.

“Being in the Financial Management Program is the perfect transition post-college to apply your degree towards meaningful work in the industry, with the bonus of having ample opportunities for career growth and networking.”

Thomas M.

"The sense of community and family I gained through the FMP is unlike anything I could’ve expected. Of course, we attend happy hours, work dinners, and seminars together; but beyond that, they are the people I choose to spend weekends, celebrations, and life events with. A community of friends and mentors was automatically established, and that can be incredibly comforting when moving to a new city alone. The knowledge, skills, and relationships I have built here continue to impact my life in immense ways, and I’m forever grateful I chose to begin my career at GE Aerospace."

Macy H.