Edison Engineering
​​​​​​​Development Program 
EEDP is a globally diverse program with 3-4 rotations over a two year period for those with a passion for technology and a drive for technical excellence. Gain valuable experience across the engineering spectrum, including engineering hardware design, controls, validation testing, materials, power electronics, software, and more. Participating in this program will give you the opportunity to accelerate your professional and technical development within GE Aeropspace's Advance Courses in Engineering and a variety of business-critical engineering assignments.  Edison graduates have the technical and business foundation to invent the future of flight. 

What to expect

You will have the opportunity to complete 3-4 rotations within the Engineering function of your business over 2 years. Assignments range across the engineering spectrum including hardware development and design, testing, and software.  GE Aerospace's Edison Engineering rotations and assignments use technology to solve the world’s problems, have high-value impact, and offer multiple opportunities for exposure to the technical and business leaders in the company.
With Edison Engineering Development Programs in 7 countries, you will join a globally diverse community of early-career engineers  as well as a community comprised of all our development and leadership programs.  

The relationships you develop on program are the start of your professional network, and some will become friends for life!
Edison Engineers are provided exceptional technical training from experts in                 GE Aerospace's Advance Courses in Engineering.  This training allows you to apply your engineering knowledge to real-world problems.  

In addition, where available, Edison Engineers are offered the option to pursue a GE-funded Master's degree, in addition to training in leadership, advanced technology, and design methodology.

What Our Participants Are Saying

"GE Aerospace has a variety of employee resource groups. The two I have been most involved with are the Women’s Network and the Early Career Professionals Organization (ECPO). Regardless of your background or interests there are people at GE that look like you, share things in common with you and will make you feel welcome. 

Through ECPO I have been able to participate in social, professional, and volunteer events with other early career folks. Similarly, through the Women’s Network it has been a great place to find mentors and attend lunch and learns on topics that impact me as a woman in engineering."

Tristan Z.
“In my second rotation I started working in controls, which is a cool area where it meets with electrical and mechanical technically. I quickly fell in love with the work that I was doing, it was something about the work being technically challenging and the culture that I was in that really made me feel like I was apart of the team right off the bat.”

​​​​​​​Mary D.
“The Assignment Leaders and Program Managers provide a ton of resources to support my career goals. The leaders at GE tend to have an open-door policy or are very accessible and welcome all questions. The leaders at GE also challenge you to help promote your personal growth. 

For example, I was not very experienced at driving big projects to closure and creating a summarized report reflecting on project deliverables and lessons learned. I communicated this desired goal to my Assignment Leader, and they incrementally guided me through another project until I had sufficient background knowledge. 
Thanks to their encouragement I was able to start leading weekly meetings with customers, and even presented the project and the lessons learned at a tech review. A simple dialogue with my Assignment Leader helped further my engineering skills and helped foster my own personal leadership growth too!”

​​​​​​​Kendal P. 
“I have heard that it is important to see what kind of manager you have and that it makes all the difference. I did not believe it until I met my current people leader. He has been a source of inspiration, someone who has been so supportive and encouraging while providing me with different opportunities and helping me to navigate different challenges that have come my way. He has taken time out of his schedule to sit with me and help me reflect on different things while helping me think about what my next steps should be. He helped me to understand rather than do things for me and I am so grateful and happy for the support I have felt here at GE!” 

Yasaswini E.