Digital Technology
Leadership Program (DTLP) 
Digital technology is at the backbone of how our global teams operate – connecting people, process, and products to make the world work better.  Our DTLP is combination of in person and virtual leadership, technology, and business acumen training with four technology rotations over the course of 2 years. Participating in this program means you learn the tools needed to help us solve the technology problems of tomorrow.

What to expect on DTLP

On this program, you will work in 4 different areas of technology. Some typical rotations include:
  • Technical Product Management
  • Enterprise Application Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • ​​​​​​​Data Analytics
  • Cyber Security, and many more!
You will join a globally diverse community of young professionals, not just within Digital Technology, but across GE Aerospace's other leadership programs as well. You will train, work, and learn from one another. The relationships you develop on program are the start of your professional network, and some will become friends for life!
DTLP has a variety of development opportunities available to you. Twice during program, you'll gather with everyone in your class (once in the US, once internationally) to do an immersive, in person training. That learning is complimented by virtual learning circles, the ability to receive Master's degree credits, and many other opportunities!


“I really liked the idea of getting to try 4 different roles in the span of 2 years with a cohort. As someone who was completely new to IT, I saw this as an opportunity to figure out what’s possible for me in IT while also building a strong network.” 

Madeline Firestone 
“With DTLP, I wanted a career that was more technical & managerial. This program gave me the chance to explore both. It also give you exposure to leadership & grows your network in a way that some companies simply cannot.”

Brian Fotheringham
“You get tons of new experiences, completely breaking your comfort zone and making friends for a lifetime. This is the most precious treasure of this adventure: sharing your path with friends who entered your life, never to leave it.” Fabio M., Italy
“As diverse GE products are, so is the company’s culture! GE not only celebrates diversity and inclusion but also embrace it in all ways. Even as a recent DTLP joining GE, I was able to sense an inclusive welcoming environment through the GLBTA Alliance. “ Noah E. US
“DTLP has given me the frontline platform to work on the most challenging factors of a business as well as expose me to the next generation technologies through 4 rotations across multiple domains within the organization. What I love about the program is how it gives me an organic global footprint through its structure, built-in programs & trainings and sets me on a competitive edge.” Kirthika R., India
"DTLP has been the affirmative answer to my question of whether highly technical STEM work can intersect with fulfilling interpersonal connections. The program has been the exact blend of technical, interpersonal, challenging, and beneficial-to-others work that I was uncertain existed in the Computer Science sphere, but desired in my own career." Haley K. US
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