Commercial Leadership
The Commercial Leadership Program (CLP) is a two-year developmental program designed to provide graduates with a broad foundation in the skills required for them to be successful in our commercial functions of Sales, Marketing, and Commercial Operations.   You will be placed in challenging roles to develop skills like leadership, negotiation, critical thinking, and taking initiative. You will be working with the best and brightest in a fast-paced environment with leaders who will support your development by assigning you responsibility for business-critical tasks. 

What to expect

During this two-year program, you will have three rotations across our business with the potential of working in different locations for eight months at a time. 

You will work with a cohort of young professionals as well as gain mentorship from and exposure to leaders at all levels of the company. 

Throughout your time on CLP,  you will also have exposure to employees on other development programs.

We believe the diversity of your experience will enhance your learning and enable you to make greater impact. 

Training is based around a curriculum designed to develop your sales, marketing, and core leadership skills in a mix of in-person and virtual classes alongside your rotational assignment.

What Our Participants Are Saying

"The amount of responsibility and trust the business was prepared to give me was fantastic. A clear selling point of the role for me was just how 'real' it was. This wasn't 'entry level' or admin work, it was a real role, giving me much more fulfilling work than other graduate schemes were offering. The program offered rotational roles which were perfect for me as I wasn't totally sure where I wanted to end up when I first started -this allowed me sufficient experience in various areas of the business for me to understand just where I wanted to 'roll off' into a permanent position. The roles themselves were exactly as they would be if I were a permanent head with training, a supportive team and meaningful work."

Ryan T.