Global Development Programs
Global Development Programs
Joining one of our development programs means you will not only have the exposure to real-world experiences and projects in your desired field of study, but you will also have the opportunity to collaborate and network with professionals at all levels within the organization.  Built as a two-year rotational program,
you can expect to grow your skills in critical functions within GE Aerospace. 

Over 25% of today’s top leaders at GE started on these programs. 

​​​​​​​All programs feature:

  • Rotational assignments for a variety of experiences
  • Work content with business impact
  • Technical and leadership learning
  • Strong peer community
  • Active coaching
  • Exposure to leaders at all level.

Program Available in Latin America

Virtual Explorer Series This is your free, 24/7 opportunity to learn at your own pace about the work we do, with tangible examples, directly from our team! In under 3 hours, you will gain practical skills and experience in Engineering, Supply Chain, Digital Technology or Human Resources.
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