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Read the challenges below and choose the one most interesting to you


Read each one of the challenges and choose the one most interesting for you .

The Challenge Renewables

Múltiples componentes de la turbina eólica como las palas aerodinámicas, el generador o las bridas (flanges) se conectan entre sí por medio de uniones atornilladas, a su vez éstas están sujetas a fuerzas extraordinarias que reducen su capacidad de carga. La pérdida gradual de ésta precarga compromete la integridad de los componentes debido al riesgo de falla por fatiga o cargas extremas. Ante esta situación se propone el diseño de un sistema integrado y auto energizado de monitoreo continuo de precarga. Objetivos:-Adquisición y procesamiento de la señal eléctrica proveniente de uniones atornilladas utilizando materiales inteligentes. -Validación de la señal recibida del sensor contra medición en campo.

The Skills required

Perfil del estudiante • Conocimientos en electrónica básica. • Conocimientos de procesamiento de señales digitales. Organización Integración de dos equipos de trabajo (6 estudiantes cada uno).
Participants training around the world The Challenge POWER SERVICES DIGITAL

You will get access to the GE Predix platform for this challenge. The idea is to create a cloud micro service and a front end. This micro service will consume live data from another predix service and detect patterns (that we call events) in real-time. Then, it will provide a way to persist them and allow the user to visualize them. The micro service must be resilient; this means that if a problem arises, it should be capable of recovering itself without losing track of its pattern detection state. You will test your software development skills (front y back-end), systems thinking and creativity.

The Skills required

• Computer Systems and Software development • Some knowledge of Databases and Algorithms • Familiarity with HTTP, REST, and JSON • Experience with programming languages (i.e. JAVA) • Familiarity using command line and unix like systems • Strong communication, collaboration, and learning skills • Big curiosity on how an Industrial Cloud works


You will communicate with an avionics display system through a network to send the status of a simulated flight system. You will test your software development skills, system interconnection and communication between devices to success in this challenge.

The Skills required

• Computer Systems, Software, Electronics or Mechatronics Engineer • Passion for low level software development • Experience programming in C language • Low-level bit manipulation • Strong communication, collaboration, and learning skills



The Challenge OIL&GAS

Predictive models are mathematical formulations that learn from data and help us predict the behavior of underlying phenomena that may not be apparent from the data itself. Predictive models help us to obtain insights from data. You will use the R software to discover insights from data with predictive models. You will interpret them, and demonstrate that they work. You will also apply data visualization techniques to present your data in an effective way to support any insights you obtain.

The Skills required

• Willingness to learn. A broad range of professionals use Data Science tools, from medical to social sciences, to engineering and computer science, to get insights from data, so the only thing that could limit you is your willingness to learn. • If you are not already familiar with R, you must also complete the prework outlined in the “Survival kit” section.